In our heads album cover

We were made up to see that Hot Chip’s 2012 album, In Our Heads, got nods in a clutch of end of year polls. The record crops up in lists in – among others – Mixmag (“Five albums in and Hot Chip just get better and better. In Our Heads was the sound of a band with an instinct of a pop hook, ideas dripping from every pore and who still sound like they’re having the time of their lives”), Mojo, DJ, the Sun, This Is Fake DIY, Pitchfork (where it made charts by both the readers and the writers who said “The songwriting often reads like a conversation between date-night dance floor synths and the seriously revealing pillow talk afterwards”), Q, Uncut, Drowned in Sound, NME, the Times (“The wry south Londoners join Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys at the top table of British synth-pop with this literate, danceable record”) and the Guardian, who – rather beautifully – said of the record (and the band): “What they adore, they said, is innocence and naivete in music. It’s astonishing, and wonderful, that these men in their thirties – with families and responsibilities and careers and artistic ambitions – can make music that captures uncorrupted joy, without shirking more complex emotional terrain. Hot Chip: the great British pop group.”